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Discover the latest collections of luxurious, ready-to-use handbags, shoes, leather goods and accessories for men. The eponymous brand was founded in 1962 by designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. The eponymous brand was founded in 1962 by designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. Discover SAINT LAURENT’s official online store.

The eponymous brand was founded in 1962 by designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. Saint Laurent is credited with introducing the wide, shoulder-padded style in 1978 that would shape fashion in the 1980s. In 1999, Kering bought YSL and commissioned Tom Ford to design the wonderful ready-to-wear collection, while Yves Saint Laurent himself was to design the haute couture collection. 2002, after years of poor health, drug abuse, depression, alcoholism, and criticism of YSL’s designs, Saint Laurent closed the couture department of YSL.

yves saint laurent uk

After a period of convalescence, he and his partner, industrialist Pierre Bergé, founded their own fashion house Yves Saint Laurent YSL with money from American millionaire J. In 1983, Saint Laurent became the first living fashion designer to be awarded a solo exhibition by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The prêt-à-porter line became extremely popular with the public, if not with critics, and ended up earning Saint Laurent and Bergé many times more than the haute couture line. Although Dior recognized his talent immediately, Saint Laurent spent his first year at the House of Dior doing everyday tasks such as decorating the studio and designing accessories.

However, Saint Laurent, whose health had been precarious for years, came under pressure to design two haute couture and two prêt-à-porter collections each year, unpredictable. In 2002, after years of poor health, substance abuse, depression, alcoholism and criticism of YSL’s designs, Saint Laurent closed YSL’s couture department. In August 1957, Dior met with Saint Laurent’s mother to tell her that he had chosen Saint Laurent as his successor as designer. Saint Laurent finally considered studying at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the council that regulates the haute couture industry and trains its employees.

Saint Laurent was in the military for 20 days before he was admitted to a military hospital due to the stress of harassment by fellow soldiers, where he received the news that he had been released from Dior. In 1953, Saint Laurent submitted three sketches to a competition for young fashion designers organized by the International Wool Secretariat. Saint Laurent followed his advice and left Oran for Paris after graduation, began his studies there and finally completed his studies as a star student.



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