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Why are doc martens called 1461?


Should I increase or decrease the size in Docs 1461?

Based on the different types of moldings, I’ll discuss a few examples to help you better understand the fit of Doc Martens. If you get the 1460 fur-lined 1460 (or another doc with fur lining) and you normally have a full sneaker size, don’t make any size smaller. Martens all come in standard width D (for US sizes, standard widths have different names in different countries but are generally the same). Docs follow sizing standards for men, so it can be difficult for women to find the right size when shopping second-hand or through a third-party retailer.

However, if you wear half sizes in your normal shoes, such as 6, 5 or 8, 6, you should order half a size smaller for these Doc Marten 1461 boots.