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What is jagthug?


Is JAG an Australian brand?

Jag is a relaxed, simple and versatile brand with a core range of products that are considered in the design. With the approval of some of the world’s leading style icons, JAG quickly became synonymous with designer-quality denim at an affordable price. When sourcing ethical manufacturing and craftsmanship, JAG still ensures that the range is affordable and available at a reasonable price, without sacrificing quality. Leveraging JAG’s enduring spirit of freedom and its 47-year history, JAG is launching “unearthed” — a campaign that embraces the beauty of connectivity — for the environment, JAG’s brand ethos, and for the brand’s thoughtful and deliberate approach to high-quality premium designs.

In 2001, Colorado Group bought JAG and relaunched the brand in 2002 with the Elizabeth Jaggar campaign.