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What does devin cologne smell like?


Rating 4, 1 (79) Smells like fresh lemon aftershave, with noticeable aromatic floral notes of lavender and wormwood plus galbanum.

What does Devin smell like?

Vintage Aramis Devin was created in 1978 by legendary perfumer Bernard Chant (d.) for Estee Lauder. From my perspective, it was probably the high doses of two of my favorite fragrance notes, galbanum and artemisia, that drew him to Devin in the first place. For my husband, his first and only fragrance love remains the original and now vintage Estee Lauder Aramis Devin. Introduced in 1977, this men’s Aramis fragrance has stood the test of time with its woody base and sweet, floral aroma.

He confesses that he loves all of my fragrance gifts and wears each for a day or maybe three, but he always returns to the scent he considers his signature, Vintage Aramis Devin, in his favorite light concentration, Country After Shave.