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What does clinique exfoliator do?


We recommend gentle, daily exfoliation with a formula like Clarifying Lotion that delivers results without scrubbing too hard. If you’re not sure how often to use your exfoliator, talk to a Clinique expert for helpful instructions and more. Clinique’s best-selling Clarifying Lotion is a liquid exfoliator that is applied twice daily with a cotton ball to remove dead skin cells that can contribute to dull skin, breakouts and clogged pores. It’s often thought that a high-intensity, high-pressure exfoliation once a week is enough to maintain a fresh complexion, but that’s not always the best approach for your skin.

And keeps my skin tight – Moisturize your face and use your Clinique soap – Moisturize your face and apply the scrub, then rinse, rinse, rinse – use your Clinique soap and do the 3 steps.

Does Clinique have a good exfoliator?

No Clinique product phor u, waise, ek Chanel lipstick mooze de do, main Clinique 3-step samples doongi 😛 Mere paash bahoot hai 🙂 . Thanks Ruchika, I love Clinique products so much because I usually have acne with most other products. I didn’t have a good experience with the Clinique 3 Step products, plus I went with the big ones that ended up being used up. If you’re not sure how often you should exfoliate, you can talk to a Clinique expert who will give you helpful tips.