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How do i contact jag army?


The Standard Training Packages (STPs) are downloadable PowerPoint slide presentations developed by the faculty of Judge Advocate General’s School, US Army (TJAGSA) at the direction of the judge’s attorney general. Legal Services Special Power of Attorney Student Program Legal Assistance. The Deskbooks and Handbooks and Handbooks from The Army Lawyer, The Military Law Review, and TJAGLCS can be found on the Publications page.

What does JAG stand for?

Work under experienced Judge Advocates who give you advice, insights, and feedback as you work on real cases from start to finish. In addition to competitive salaries, JAG officials also receive housing benefits, which are not taxable, and a food allowance. For example, a JAG officer may also advise commanders whether they can accept gifts from foreign leaders. Take on the role of an Army lawyer and handle real cases in JAG Corps’ offices around the world as part of the Summer Law Internship Program, a competitive 60-day internship open to qualified second-year law students.

Complete your legal internship at one of hundreds of offices across the United States or abroad in countries like Germany, South Korea, Italy, and Japan.