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Are you supposed to wear socks with loafers?

The shoes are stitched from the inside out in the factory to create a finer seam on the finished product. The Wildsmiths were chosen because they had already set up a shop making and repairing shoes for the King’s Household Cavalry. The first story is about King George VI and his desire for a casual indoor shoe that he can wear every day. Originally designed only as an indoor shoe, the loafer is now so sophisticated that it can be worn both indoors and outdoors for a variety of occasions


Loake classic English shoemakers since 1880.

Why are shoes called slippers


Over the next few years, Esquire helped create the story surrounding the shoe, which would make him a cultural icon. Given the “casual nature” of the jacket (natural, slanted shoulder and minimal, if any, tapered shape in the middle) and the shirt (soft, unlined collar and full fit), most shoes suitable for boardrooms and boardrooms (such as the black shell cordovan cap) would be out of place. The ad went on to explain that the Weejun “was originally produced and worn by Norwegian farmers and was now worn as athletic shoes by some of America’s best-dressed men. The Spaulding family in New Hampshire began making shoes based on this design in the early 1930s and called them loafers, a general term for slip-on shoes

that is still used in America.