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Women’s 100% cashmere cashmere sweater; cashmere essential v-neck sweater.

100% Cashmere

In response, renowned cashmere brands such as Naadam and Leret Leret have started promoting greater transparency in their sourcing and processes (PDF) to differentiate themselves from others (video) and appeal to more discerning buyers. We liked the style of the Equipment Sanni Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater. It had a cool, casual cut and its thick ribbed collar was nicely textured. It is generally believed that the best cashmere for sweaters comes from Inner Mongolia and parts of China, where the region’s alpine goats survive in a harsh and harsh high-mountain landscape. Once a luxury at prohibitive prices, cashmere now seems to be sold almost everywhere, often at suspiciously low prices.

The men’s Italic cashmere crew neck sweater is remarkably soft, but also borderline squishy and textureless, and our sweater arrived with some sections already with buttons. Women’s 100% cashmere cashmere sweater · Essential v-neck cashmere sweater · Crew neck cashmere sweater · Cashmere turtleneck sweater · V-neck weekend cashmere. It had a sweatship-inspired design, which was fun, but the cashmere was very lightweight and very stretchy, resulting in a wide fit that made the arms look like they were melting. Cashmere can last for years if properly cared for. It is therefore important to take the time to learn the peculiarities of the material.

The sturdy 7-gauge cashmere construction (meaning it’s knit tighter) gives this sweater some weight and a thick texture that you can see, although it can still be worn under a coat. We also recommend investing in a long-handled cashmere brush with boar bristles to remove lint, fuzz, and dust between wear and wash. The yarn, which is spun from shorter and broken cashmere, makes its way into the mass market, although sometimes higher-priced fashion brands also use it, so you can’t rely on price as an indicator of quality.



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