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Guide to layering


In unpredictable climates layering can be the key to winning against the weather! Accessories like umbrellas can protect any light summery outfit from sudden spells of rain, but there is truly an art to the sophisticated, fashionable layering of clothes for all climates. At Jag Couture, we believe that fashion should never be sacrificed for function – by following our layering guides, you can be sure to do your beautiful garments justice!

Layering for Women

Layering your clothes gives you an opportunity to play around and experiment with the clothing that is already in your wardrobe – maybe some which are often neglected. Give yourself permission to trialdifferent combinations of textures, fabrics, weights, patterns and colors. By learning to style your staples with some more extravagant pieces, the outfit possibilities are truly endless. Basic items like black or white tops, jackets, and jeans can be the key to unlocking unique, cute styles which will undoubtedly turn heads! Layering is all about confidence and comfort, and while not every experiment will work well, practice makes perfect and curating your way to layering expertise is essential for any true fashionista.

Don’t forget that jumpsuits and overalls were pretty much designed for layering – why not try showing off your favorite tops and jumpers, then accessorize with complementary jewelry!Classic jumpers over a button-down blouse always offer a timeless, stylish look which will also keep you warm. Summer dresses can be dressed down and styled for colder weather with a base layer of a long sleeve top, tights, and boots. Don’t be afraid to test out different colours, patterns, and textures – top layers such as cardigans and coats can bring balance to the most daring layering outfits.

Layering for Men

Learning to layer your clothes is just as important as making sure that they fit properly – wearing layers is every man’s essential cheat code to sophistication, style, and comfort. The downside to layering is that it can cause confusion for beginners, and it must be acknowledged that a lot of guys are layering wrong. However, when done well, layering looks fantastic, adding depth, texture, variety to make any ordinarily ‘bland’ out fits turn heads for all the right reasons. Models in high end photoshoot or runway showswill almost always be wearing carefully crafted layered ensembles – so why wouldn’t you?

Thin on the Inside, Thick on the Outside

For most outfits, you should be wearing thinner fabrics closer to your body, and heavier fabrics on the outer layers.

Light to Dark

Most layered outfits will be made up of multiple colors – its important that these are complimentary, but also gradiented well to create a high fashion look. Wearing lighter colors closer to your body, and darker colors on your outer layers is the best way to do this, and should also be factored in when buying new garments.

Limit your layering!

Don’t get carried away with your newfound layering skills – try to keep to a maximum of three layers. Any more than that is overkill for most outfits and will restrict movement. Such layering can also ruin your silhouette, creating a bulky, overstuffed look.


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